Sage vs Night Sweats UPDATE


PART 2….

I have been using sage drops for over a week now and I have to say I am really impressed.  (Product link below)


Did it work then?

My scalp has had periods of dryness!  I was getting really worried about it as I had a spot on my head that I had scratched and the small wound was not healing at all due to the warmth and moisture, it was a breeding ground for bacteria, yuk!


Since putting 20 drops of sage tincture into a small glass of water 3 times a day on an empty stomach, I have seen a good improvement in my sweating.  I has not gone altogether, but on a few nights I have even woken up under a dry duvet, so I know something is working.


God love the health food shop man at Harvest Healthfoods in Ramsgate… I must send him a Christmas card!  I would jump on him if I had the energy and it wouldn’t see me arrested.  He recommended the sage to me after my GP searched and came up with nothing.

If you are local, click here…  Harvest Health Foods in Ramsgate

So what now?

Well I will continue with the sage, to be honest I sometimes miss the middle dose.  I am so forgetful and 3 times a day doesn’t always work for me.  Of course I get better results this way, but twice a day will suffice.  I also invested in a really good chemical free roll on deodorant (one of the crystal ones).  Oh… and my trusty fan for the times the noise of the thing isn’t driving me mad.


I plan to buy some herbal sage teas too, to see if I get any results with them, and to experiment by putting sage in my nutriblasts.  (I love my nutribullet, finally I can eat veg without gagging!)

I still need to see a doctor as I am having some problems with the lymph nodes, particularly behind my ears (so painful), I need to get a GP on the case because the ME clinic has a waiting list of 1 year now.  I need my nodes checking for defs.

Love you guys….  If you have similar blogs, please link below I would love to read them!

Love Lis x

The drops I used are called Menosan and are available in health food stores (certainly in the UK) and on Amazon and probably a heap of other places.

***** Menosan drops on *****