The Ballad of South Thanet (don’t knock on my door)

don't knock on my door

Here is a poem I just wrote.  I’ve had a really hard day and I woke from a migraine with the first few lines in my head.  I apologise if this offends anybody as it is political and I don’t aim to offend.  I needed to voice some frustration I had going on inside me.  I cannot abide by anything or anyone that demeans my fellow citizens, I believe we all have a story, a reason for why we are where we are, in the world, in our lives.  I also feel strongly that we are not the ones to blame for the failings of our country, and that we should perhaps ‘look up’ at the people in positions of power a little more often, and not down at the person on the street.  (There is a little swearing, again, I apologise if I offend).

Here it is….

Don't Knock On My Door (The ballad of South Thanet) 

You think you know what it's like 
But you don't know what it's like
To be worried if your gonna pay your rent
You are bent
Just like all the others
Those rich public schoolboys
With pound signs flashing in their eyes
It's no surprise
You wanna exploit us 
pretend you are just like us
But your not
You're a banker
You're a fucking smug faced wanker
With your Cheshire Cat faced smirk
You've never witnessed the real hurt
The pain of our desperate neighbours
You act like you came to save us 
From European bureaucracy 
And the one-way doors 
that once were our seas
You use working class fears
To control whilst sipping on beers
Smoking fags like you shun cancer fears
Because you're a working class man
A fella that does what he can
To save us from all the immigrants
Taking our jobs, depriving our infants 
Of schools and of healthcare
Benefits and welfare
And I love my cultural home
We don't really need to be alone
Just because they go to a mosque
Doesn't mean that in them we can't trust
And some of my friends they are Sikh
Some of the nicest guys you will ever meet
Terrorism and religion do not equate
It's psychopath's that are preaching that hate
And like those messed up brainwashing cretins
Who slaughter the masses without any regretting
They manipulate, and spread their hate
To the vulnerable and before it's too late
They are knocking on doors
Infecting your pores
With their warped vision of the truth
Please don't let this harm our youth 
You don't know what it's like
You will never know what it's like

Be Kind Lis 2015