The ‘night sweats’ are taking the piss now… THIS IS WAR

Hot sweat history in a nutshell…

I have suffered from hot sweats, mostly during the night for a long time now, probably around 18 months.  The seemed to coincide with me being put on Amitriptaline medication for my neurological pain.  Thinking the meds were the culprit I changed them, for Nortriptaline, which only made things worse.  A few different meds later and I am still sweating, and the last few weeks it’s been more than ever.

Most nights I flip the duvet, to be honest I could do with 3 or 4 spare duvets to feel comfortable when I wake  soaking wet.  

It’s frustrating, and makes me feel really unclean.  I wouldn’t mind but I cannot shower anymore, due to the chronic pain in my legs and fatigue… If I could nip in the shower I would, probably 10 times a day!

Not expecting any help at all, I decided to go to the doctor…

She was actually really nice.  I explained that I wanted to rule out being menopausal, because at 34, with no children, I really need to know if my fertility is at risk.  We chatted about periods and lady hormones, and she did not believe this was menopausal at all.  That’s good.  She put it down to something to do with my Fibromyalgia, possibly ME/CFS, I am still awaiting to see a specialist to confirm that diagnosis.  To be honest I know a heap of people online who have the same diagnosis and suffer from this symptom too, all stumped as to what to try to feel better.

Medication for hot sweats?

So my doctor looked up some medication for menopause symptoms, she said it was not hormonal, but given to women to help with hot flushes.  She read into it (as it’s not commonly prescribed for anything other than menopause) and decided she didn’t feel comfortable to prescribe to me being non menopausal.  I trusted her on that, to be honest I don’t want to put anything in my body that could cause me further side effects, and I had the feeling, without further research I may have been a bit of a guinea pig.  For someone fighting hard to recover, I can’t take a risk like that.

Beta blockers?  

She asked if my sweats were related to anxiety.  They are not.  I have suffered from severe anxiety and sweating like this was never a symptom, even when I felt like I was dying I don’t remember breaking a sweat… which on reflection is a bit odd.  Anyway she said they might help.  So this could be an option for some people.  However I have asthma, and it’s not advisable to take beta blockers if you have asthma; we weighed up the pro’s and con’s and I decided that with my fatigue and pain, the last thing I need is a night in A&E on a nebuliser if it all goes tits up.

So what did she do?   Nothing.  But I knew that was gonna be the case, I had to try right?!

So I took myself for a cup of tea and a google, because google is my back up doctor, google tells me all the meds that doctors don’t get paid to prescribe.  I saw something about Sage and it’s benefits.  I remember a friend mentioning it a while back and headed straight to the health food shop.

Sage… you are my only hope… you and that elusive ME referral… 

I popped into the health food shop and spoke to the tall guy who seems to own it and be the only employee.  He knows his stuff, he got me taking evening primrose oil and cured my ‘I’m not a teenager, really I’m not acne’.  And these energy lozenges that he said tasted ‘agreeable’ but they tasted like the corpses of rancid skunks.  Anyway he agreed Sage was good, and recommended the drops, that get into your system in 6 minutes, wooohoooo.

I bought them immediately… I’m counting on this remedy to help me fight this war against my own body fluid.

So has it worked?!!!!! 

Well.  That was only today.  I took 20 drops in a small amount of bottled water on an empty stomach at 6pm I was surprised that I did notice a seriously good decrease in my sweating and at one stage my hair was dry!  (That is amazing, I was getting concerned because another lady I spoke to said she had to cut her hair because she got some sort of fungus on her head from it always being warm and damp, ewwwww, I really started to panic, I am not cutting my hair, it’s been a labour of love).  Anyway…  It’s now 10.20pm and I have just literally started sweating, so I had a good 4 hours.  I am going to take some more and head to bed.  You can take this stuff 3 times a day.  I’m going to stick at it and I will let you know how it goes.

Do you have any temperature control tips?  I would love to hear them!  Please comment below and subscribe to find out how it goes.

BIG LOVE from Lis x