About Lis

Hey I’m Lis! (with an S because I am really Elisabeth with an S…. British people don’t get it)



coke lisI joined wordpress to blog!  Really I did!  I love writing.

I wanted to put myself on the interwebs

pixel lis

I LOVE selfies

Sometimes I make crafts… I love to make jewellery from beautiful gemstones


(I especially love Opals because they are my birthstone)

(I’m a Scorpio Monkey)

I also design Greetings Cards for people who need a bit more love in their life.  I want to make cards for people who are sad, or going through bad times, to help them feel better.

This one is for invisible illness (it works for visible illness too 🙂

small steps png

This one is kinda anti-bullying



Yep... they are.... and what?
I want to create a community of love and support.  Hopefully you will like and share my posts, so I can make a living one day, doing what I love… helping others to feel loved!

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