Day of the beekeepers

Do not kill those roses

To prove you need me.

Do not spend our savings

On that Waitrose bubbly.

I need not that Thorntons

To know that you care.

Or that glittery card…

I can tell by the way you stroke my hair

The kiss on my head as you switch off the lights

The way that we laugh instead of fight

When you get up to hold me because I can’t sleep in the night

How we dance like fools when there’s no one around 

When I’m struggling to stay calm and you don’t make a sound

And you sit with me

Until peace I have found

When you let me be exactly who I am

When I’m feeling strong you still hold my hand

And how you don’t like to gloat about the happiness we share

Because in our world we are the only ones who need to care
When you are my rock everyday of my life

And how you will still be that rock when I become your wife

And how one day in Feb, just doesn’t suffice.


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