How I become someone else (and it’s amazing)

My alter ego for the weekend…

This week my alter ego is pictured above.  Her name is Shaniqua.  She is one half of a pair of the deceased Siamese twins, Beniqua and Shaniqua.  

This pair of Thai beauties worked a wardrobe/laundry in a vaudevillian theatre in Thanet in the early 60’s.  They are vintage Thai ghetto, at least they were until they accidentally electrocuted each other.  

Being someone else is what I’m good at.

Don’t get me wrong.  I like being me, but we all have talents and mine is for acting.  I’m really confident about this, I feel so at peace with myself when I erase all of Lis and step into those lights as another being.  

It’s nice to have a break from Lis for a little while.

My busy creative, intense mind is always on the go.  I’m always thinking and analysing everything.  And on top of that I have to cope with fatigue and pain all the time.  When I’m on stage, my mind is so focused on being the mind of someone or something else, it makes all the usual day to day stresses disappear.  It’s a relief.

It helps with my pain levels, it’s as good as a tramadol.

That’s true.  I think it’s the adrenalin of doing something exciting that helps.  I barely feel pain on stage.  Off stage is another story, and I’m often found slumped in the wings or wangling a cheeky massage off someone.  Adrenalin is of course a natural pain killer.  Our bodies are so amazing! 

I’d do this full time if it wasn’t so exhausting! If you haven’t ever tried it, you must, just be brave and put yourself out there.  Feel the fear and do it anyway. 

Kisses from Lis x


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