losing grip

You calmly stroll towards me

Looking straight ahead




A vision of everything I need to feel complete

Standing here as half a woman

missing one whole side

I’m toppling over

Falling down

Down the hill I slide

You run so fast to catch me

But I’m slipping out of sight

I’m tumbling down so rapidly now

Fear at the speed to light

I’m hurtling past the barriers

The warnings flashing bright

They blind your eyes and hold you up

You heart is full of fright

And as you sprint so strongly

Your chest beating at full pace

You only catch sight of my harrowing eyes

The panic on my face

I roll towards the edge

This time I know I’ll die

Speeding fast

can’t stop

But I try 

I dig in my nails to the dirt as I slide

I try to grip on to the nothing at my sides

And then in a blur a yell and a clutch

Of your strong hand, so firm to the touch

That I’m yanked from the slope and

Wrapped tight in your arms

I’ll never let go

Touch your skin til I’m calm


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