When I fell in love (a poem about love)

Plenty of Fish was a curious place.  An internet site full of totty to chase

Bored on my own, with no man friend to phone

I logged myself in and there I found him

A man with a beard with a profile so weird

that I knew we must meet, I was swept of my feet

by his bearded photos, and cute little nose

He said he liked pies, I was pleasantly surprised

Because most guys said they liked dubstep and fries

I sent him a text saying, PIES ARE THE SEX

and he replied

‘Hello pretty lady, you must be quite crazy, to text a bearded fool like me’.

So we had our first date in the land of Ramsgate

He picked me up in his Daihatsu Chararde

On our way to town the Daihatsu broke down

Small talk to make was quite hard

“do you think it’s your engine”

“I don’t know”



“you have nice hair”



The engine magically started and we departed


Beers we did drink, over chatting we clinked

our glasses and toasted our fun

He got out his cash, bought me sausage and mash

and baldified me on an app on his phone

It was so romantic, I couldn’t have planned it

He escorted me back to my train,

and kissing my face we got to first base

I knew then that he was the one



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