Welcome to The Be Kind Times

Welcome to The Be Kind Times 🙂 My name is Lis (or Entwined Lis if you are familiar with my handmade jewellery venture over at entwinedbylis.co.uk.

I am super happy to have you here and I want to share with you, the reason for this venture.

Ok, so we sell cards and small gifts, why? Because I just love to design and create, and if I can’t do that I get my grumpy face on and stomp and the bearded Craig gets a whole load of hassle he don’t want ‘up in his grill’ as he puts it. You will find out more about bearded Craig, he’s my better half, my inspiration, my chef when I’m sleepy, the rubber of my feet. He’s a big bearded gem.

If I was to keep crafting, designing, making, our little Ramsgate flat would be overflowing with stuff… lots and lots of stuff, my bank balance would be empty and my house full of gemstones and paper and bits of metal; actually that sounds ok, but bearded Craig needs zen and I need the funds to keep us in cookies, so I sell my wares and that’s why I set up entwinedbylis to sell my handmade crafts.

The only problem with this is, it’s not making me happy, like truly happy inside my soul, and I felt I needed to do more, to make a little change in the world, and not just sort out my credit card bill and this weeks groceries, but to make a change in the world, to do something inspirational for my fellow humans, and for my inner peace too. I was becoming increasingly anxious and saddened by the amount of hatred, crime, sadness, abuse, that is being so widely covered in the news and on social media; it seems that these days there is no end to the heartache and no escape from it. I began to feel a strong desire to do something tangible to share some kindness in the world. It’s my little battle against the darkness of war, prejudice, depression and all the other things that just stop a flow of positive energy.

Through my own research, actively seeking out the happiness spreaders on social media, namely Twitter, I love twitter for this, I found countless people who are also hell bent on making the world a happier place. You may be reading this exactly for that reason, I actively found you because you are the person I need to be part of my love posse.

How do you spread happiness, kindness and love? That’s a big question, so many possibilities, and the only way I can answer that is by doing what I love and sharing it with others so that they can pass the love on. I will achieve this in the form of greetings cards and small charms, that can be given to a loved one, someone who might be going through a hard time, a crisis, or to celebrate their achievements, no matter how small.

I want to expand on the bog standard card shop criteria. My cards are not just for birthdays, anniversaries, special days, but include messages for people who are being bullied, are having struggles at work, suffering from mental health conditions (because nobody gives a ‘get well soon’ card to someone who just got diagnosed with psychosis and they deserve to know you hope they get better too).

I am going to do another post on kindness and mental health, my background is in mental health support and recovery coaching and it’s super important to me. It deserves a post or two of its own.

I can’t wait to catch up with you again soon. Please drop me a line, I would love to chat to you, get your feedback and do a bit of kindness spreading with you 🙂

I will leave you with a little insight into my business, and the inner workings of my romantic mind…..

Love Lis xx

A love greater than breaded fish


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